Can your society ask you to pay cultural activity fund?


“We live in a diverse lifestyle and it’s been a practice in most of the Housing Societies to have fun capabilities like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Pooja, Independence Day, Republic Day, Annual Pooja and own circle of relatives dinner etc. In order to satisfy the charges maximum of Housing Societies are gathering both as Cultural Fund and or Festival fund as part of normal month-to-month renovation.

There is neither an explicit prohibition nor permission to gather obligatory contributions for cultural fund which might be voluntary in nature. Hence, in case you need to pay, you may pay however in case you do not need to pay, you may do the same. You want to check the bye laws for the same. If your society mentions that those donations are obligatory, you want to pay. However, you may challenge this bye law.

If the bye laws mention that it is voluntarily, then it’s far totally upto you to pay the quantity. Apart from the rent and the renovation charges, you aren’t liable to pay any charges. You should know that in case you need to take part in the event, you want to pay. Also if your society is charging arbitrarily excessive charges, you may rebellion towards it. If they’re charging much less quantity then there should be no trouble in paying it.”

Reference: Co-operative Societies Act, 1912 – – AHG275 – 202100553 – 147 – 145 – 2021001192021004219542


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