Can two person having same surname marry under the Hindu Law ?


If both of you are not related with in the prohibited degree’s’ of relationship, there is no legal issue in you both getting married. It is called Sapinda relationship. For the last 3 generations, please check any of both of your ancestors are one and the same. if so, the marriage may not be a good idea.

The conditions required to be followed for this special form of marriage is not very different from the requirements of other normal marriages, which happen within the caste. These are the conditions to be eligible for a marriage under this Act: Ð

The bridegroom must be at least 21 and the bride must be at least 18 years of age at the time of marriage. This is the minimum age limit for a boy/girl to marry, respectively.

Both the parties must be monogamous at the time of their marriage; i.e. they must be unmarried and should not have any living spouse at that time.

The parties should be mentally fit in order to be able to decide for themselves e., they must be sane at the time of marriage.

They should not be related to themselves through blood relationships; i.e. they should not come under prohibited relationships, which will otherwise act as a ground to dissolve their marriage.

legal aspects of Special Marriage Act, holds high importance not only for the people who have registered their marriage under the act but also to all the citizens of the country in order to have a better understanding of the law and treat the marriages between different castes and religions to be equally sacred and auspicious like the marriages between oneÕs own caste.

With my article I assume to have made my point on Special Marriage Act which every Indian should know, and once they know, the country will surely become a better place to live with the crimes of honor killing and torture etc. to come to an end.

Reference: The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
the Special Marriage Act, 1954.



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