Can two foreigners get married in India?


Yes, two foreigners can legally get married in India.

The Legal Process for Getting Married in India are as follows:
1) The couple should be prepared to stay in India for 60 days its a lengthy process.

2) Civil weddings in India are governed by the provisions of The Special Marriage Act, 1954.

3) Either the bride or the groom has to be living in India for at least 30 days prior to applying to the local registry office to get married. For foreigners, this is evidenced by a certificate from the local police station.

4) (a)YouÕll need to submit your intention to get married to the registry office
(b) along with the residence certificate
(c) certified copies of passports
(d) birth certificates
(e) two passport sized photographs each

(5) Evidence of eligibility to be married – – Which means that – Anyone who hasnÕt been married should obtain in case of:-
(a) For US – single status affidavit
(b) For UK – a Certificate of No Impediment
(c) For Australian – Certificate of No Record

If youÕre divorced, youÕll need to produce the Decree Absolute, or if youÕre widowed, a copy of the death certificate.

There is a 30 days cooling period after the forms are filled and submitted to the registrar’s office. If there is no objection during this period, the marriage can take place.

(6) Witness: Three witnesses are required who have to provide passport-sized photographs, as well as identification and proof of address.

(7) The marriage certificate is usually issued a couple of weeks after the wedding.

Reference: The Special Marriage Act, 1954.



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