Can one use air guns with bullets in India ?


Applying the Arms Act, 1959 to the given case.

Section 3 of the Act states- Licence for acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition._1 ) Under this act, every person has to obtain a license who has in possession any firearm or ammuntion and if the license for such possession of firearms or ammunition has expired, he is obliged to renew the license from authority.

Air guns are used for various such as in competitive sports, for hunting etc.
Earlier no license was required for using air guns in India.

In 2016, the Arms Rules came into effect which for the first time imposed licensing rules for airguns and air rifles also. Selling and Manufacturing of air guns both required license.
Any air rifle which generates more than 20 joules of energy must be licensed as they regarded as a firearm, and if unlicensed , its possession will be illegal. Though air rifles of .177 caliber do not require license.
Air rifles of bigger caliber such as .22 (5.5 mm) will be brought under licence regime and restriction on energy will apply.

Thus, as per the query in this case, the use of air guns is not prohibited in India. But the party using, selling or manufacturing it has to obtain its license. Otherwise, they may be prosecuted under this Act. Also, the airguns has to be used with the bullet made for airguns only and cannot be replaced with normal bullet.




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