Can Lal dora property be used for commercial purposes?



The land under LAL DORA is exempted from building by-laws, and construction rules & regulations under Delhi Municipal Act, 1963. As determined by the survey, there are around 360 villages in Delhi which come under Lal Dora. There is no house tax up to 200 sq. meter plots.

If you were told a property falling under Lal Dora cannot be registered, you have been informed wrongly. Such a property could be registered with the tehsil office. Since municipal bodies have no jurisdiction over Lal Dora land, they have no power to register properties constructed here. With the governmentÕs intervention, it is also now possible to get water, power and sewage connections for such properties.

The Delhi government issues Lal Dora certificates to owners of such land, establishing their ownership. This certificate could be used to apply for all the utilities.
In case you want to get your Lal Dora property registered, visit the office of Sub-Divisional Magistrate in whose jurisdiction the area falls. Submit your application along with an affidavit stating details of land and the owner, your ration card.

If the state is allowing the conversion of residential property to commercial property, then one should get a sanction from the housing society before the property being converted. Depending on the kind of business, it is also essential to get the approval from the local municipality authority for the conversion. When a property is designated as a commercial property, it is always treated as a commercial property for all resolutions.

Three things that need to be kept in mind before converting the residential property into a commercial property are as follows;
1.Acquire a shop and establishment license from the concerned municipal authority.
2.Before applying, be careful about the kind of business that is carried out and the area that is required.
3.Commercial charges would be levied on the property, power supply, water, etc. depending upon the property size, depending upon the area and the nature of business activity by the civic body.

Owners of up to 200 sq m plots and houses on Lal Dora save 100 percent tax since such properties are exempted from property tax.

Reference: Registration, Land



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