Can inam land be sold?


Inamdar was a feudal title prevalent before and during British Raj, including during the Maratha rule of Peshwa and other rulers of India. The title was bestowed upon to the person who received lands as Inam (grant or as gift), rewarding the extraordinary service rendered to the ruler or the princely state. There was a separate post of Inam Commissioner to look after revenue and records of Inam lands.

After independence, the erstwhile Mysore government abolished the law under Mysore (Personal and Miscellaneous) Inams Abolition Act, 1951, which came into effect from February 1, 1959. As per the rule, those who were allotted inam land should seek permission of the special deputy commissioner for sale. However, later the Inamdari system of holdings and Inam lands was abolished along with the feudal title of Inamdar.

Since the Inam land is allotted for occupancy or tenancy rights only, the inamdar cannot alienate the property by sale without the permission of the Commissioner of the land revenue which means INAM lands CANNOT be sold /purchased by ANYBODY, without first converting the inam land into “free hold” land by conducting due procedure of law, thru the office of the district collector.

If this violated then the sale be rendered as invalid if it is brought to the notice of the competent authority/revenue department. Anything adverse to the above, the collector is empowered to confiscate the inam land, without any compensation, without any further references and possibly initiating prosecution for buying inam lands.

Reference: Inams Abolition Act, 1977



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