Can I transfer my divorce case to fast track court?


Since your matter is pending before the honorable called you need to make an application to the court for expediting the matter. There is no arrangement for transferring the family court matter to the fast track court. it is advisable to take short dates and finish the matter at the earliest.

You can do one thing you can submit to court that opposite party is deliberately killing time so court should instruct them to lead evidence as soon as possible. If your partner is delaying the court process, your lawyer can urge the the court by moving an application to give short dates which will faster the process in the same court itself.

Firstly you put forward this before the Hon’ble Court that the opposite party is yet to file written statement. Put an application in the court to expedite the matter stating the reasons. If the court does not listen to you file an application in the high court seeking direction to the lower court to expedite the matter.

Before that confirm with your advocate regarding the stage of the case and put your query forward. And put an application to expedite the proceedings on the senior citizen basis which will be left upon the court to consider it or not.

Fast track courts are for very serious criminal matters and family matters are solved only in family courts or district courts after which you can appeal in higher courts.

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