Can i open a play school in a residential area?


*)you need permission of the society to run a play school and day centre in residential premises . play school or day school do come within commercial activities which cannot be run without prior written permission of the soceity.For this, the permission of cooperative housing society or apartment association would be needed. Furthermore, in case the residential area is acquired on rent/lease, the purpose of using the residential area for running a play school should be clearly mentioned in the lease agreement. Running it in a residential area: Most playschools tend to be run from residential areas.

*)If that is the case with you, please make sure that your rental agreement permits it. Also make sure that if you live in an apartment, the bye-laws of the apartment association permit you to run a playschool.
This is only to avoid problems in the future. Legally, there seems to be no problem with running a playschool in residential premises. It has been decided by Courts in different states that a chartered accountant, yoga teacher and lawyer can carry on their work in residential premises so there is no reason why a playschool cannot be carried on as well, as long as the disturbance to neighbours is minimized

Reference: Shops and Establishments Act, Rent control Act



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