Can I marry my grandmother’s sister’s daughter’s daughter under Hindu law?


The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 does not allow marriage between first cousins. The marriage would be void, unless the custom of the community permits it.
According to the conditions laid down in the Act for a marriage to be valid, one of the conditions is that the parties should not be within the degrees of prohibited relationships, unless the customs or usage, permits such a marriage.

Two persons are said to be within the degrees of prohibited relationships:
1. if one is a lineal ascendant of the other.
2. If one was the wife or husband of a lineal ascendant or descendant of the other.
3. if one was the wife of the brother or of the father’s or mother’s brother or the grandfather’s or grandmother’s brother of the other.
If the two are brother and sister; uncle and niece; Aunt and Nephew or children of brother and sister of two brothers or two sisters.

In the present case, since the girl is not your daughter, you are eligible to marry her. Also, since the girl is your grandmother’s sister’s daughter’s daughter, she does not come within the prohibited degrees of relationship for marriage.

Thus, you can marry the girl and the marriage would be legally valid and not void or prohibited.

Reference: Hindu Marriage Act, 1955



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