Can I convert their private car to commercial?


Yes, a private number can be converted to a commercial number. The vehicle number will be changed and a new one will be provided. You must pay the tax as well as the costs for the fitness certificate and permission. Because you’ll need a cab or heavy badge to drive this vehicle, your ordinary driver’s licence will be invalid. You’ll also have to modify your insurance type.

In India, there are certain standard steps for converting a private registered car to a commercial vehicle in every state transport department.

The following are the steps you must take.

-Locate the RTO where your car was registered. -Meet with the concerned clerk to obtain information about the processes you must follow. He or she may provide you with form numbers that may be obtained from local xerox shops.
-Inquire about the fees that must be paid for the procedure. Fill out the form and pay the fees; you will receive two receipts; put the office copy in the application form and retain the applicant’s copy for future reference.
-After you’ve completed all of these steps, return to the clerk. He’ll continue to process the application and provide you with a printed document with the appropriate endorsement information.
Place the slip in the appropriate spot in the RC book and have the clerk initial it; don’t forget to preserve the RTO seal on the initialled slip.

Reference: No laws applied – – AHG303 – 202100581 – 162 – 188- 202100112202100331413


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