Can hiding previous employment affect my present job?


Hello, I hope youÕve been well. According to your issue if an applicant is government employee and he donÕt inform about this in his new job he want to resign the previous job and join the New job like a fresher can have any problem in future. According to me it is better to revel your previous employment. If you hide your work experience and if itÕs a long tenure, this may pop up questions of why there is a gap between your work experiences which you should be able to answer and justify.

If your new job is Government Job then they will surely check the background and the job you had before. So it is very risky to hide such things. There are certain criteria and if you donÕt meet the criteria and if you have hidden full facts about your previous employment then it would be an issue. You should disclose your previous employment as material suppression of fact can lead to strict disciplinary action against you. Hiding past employment details can invalidate the contract with your current employer, since they hired you based on details provided that were untrue

I hope this is helpful and you got your answer. Looking forward for your response

Reference: employment terms and conditions



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