Can he being a citizen of nepal get an adhaar card for working at infosys?

Is it possible for a foreign citizen to obtain an aadhar card card? Will the fact that he does not have an adhaar card jeopardise his career prospects?


An adhaar card can be obtained by a person of foreign origin or a foreign national who meets the following criteria:
If an individual has remained in India for 182 days or more throughout the financial year, they are regarded to be a resident of India.

— has spent 60 days or more in India during the financial year and 365 days or more in the four years immediately preceding the financial year in question.

Every’resident’ is entitled to get Aadhaar number under the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016, by providing demographic and biometric information. An individual who has stayed in India for a total of 182 days or more in the 12 months immediately preceding the date of application for Aadhaar enrollment is considered a resident for this purpose.
In a 2017 amendment to the Finance Act, the Indian government determined that overseas nationals must provide their adhaar card number while making a statement for income tax reasons.

Reference: Income tax act 1961 – – AHG211 – 202100581 – 115 – 85 – 202100248-20210007-1838


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