Can different names, cause a problem in Govt Job?


if the name has been changed and you have proper and relevant documents in its support then there will be no problems for you in applying any kind of job, as and when you are asked you can show the relevant documents to themIf your surname does not match, yes it would be a problem. The government jobs are now being advertised online and what you enter in the application form would be final. It will be difficult to change or when you are faced with document verification.

To avoid such minor mistakes affecting your recruitment process, please change it when you have time now.
Take this chance to check your other documents (PAN card, Aadhaar, Voter’s ID etc).

Check whether you have any ID document that has your full name correctly without any spelling mistake. If you have a valid birth certificate, PAN Card or Voter’s ID that has your correct name, then you can approach the board via the head of the institution to issue you a new marks card.

If not or they do not accept, then approach a Notary in your area who can get you a valid affidavit that has your proper name. Once this is done, please visit the newspaper offices to place a name correction/change advertisement in one English and one vernacular paper and keep the original paper snippets with you.

Then draft a letter to the respective 10th and 12th boards requesting the name correction service you need, forward it via the respective principal/head of the institution. You would need to pay a small fee for this service.
In 3-4 weeks the board will despatch your certificate to the respective school/college.
Please keep the acknowledgment number and payment reference number handy in case you need to contact the boards during delays in the process.

If you have done you CBSE, then the process is the same and there is a regular form to be filled, signed by the principal and submitted to the CBSE board.




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