Can complaint be filed by company on resigning without notice period?


No legal action can be taken against you for this. No need to worry about it, As per Labour Law and Industrial Disputes Act, employer can ask for compulsion to complete notice period of two months and pay bond amount. Need to know your date of joining and date of resignation letter.

according to normal company rule if you leave the job without a notice period, you will have to pay a penalty like the salary for the remaining days….. for example- suppose you left on 15th , then the salary from 15th till 3oth you will have to repay back to the company and if you dnt they can file a FIR.

Not serving the notice period is a fault on your side so he may recover your salary towards that. … However, if you do not serve the notice period prescribed in the contract then the employer can sue you for damages on account of breach of contract and also to relieve you through full and final settlement.

No Employer can force an Employee to complete the Notice period, it is for the employee to complete the Notice period in order to take his full salary and the relieving letter. You can leave the job by either giving notice or payment in lieu of notice. … The Company cannot force you to serve the entire notice period.

Reference: Companies Act, 2013



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