Can an ex-army personnel avail CSD canteen facilities after his termination?


In accordance with Army Order AO 32/84, Ex Servicemen and their families and ex-Defence personnel with minimum 5 years of service are entitled to CSD (I) Canteen facilities available in units/establishments. Cadets/Recruits boarded out on medical grounds are also entitled to avail CSD facilities. In addition, the following categories of TA personnel are entitled to canteen facilities after their retirement:
i)Pension holders for continuous embodied service.
ii)Persons with disability attributable to Military Service.
iii)Gallantry Award Winners.

The categories of personnel as given in succeeding paragraphs are entitled to draw stores from the CSD registered Unit Run Canteens (URCs).
Serving / Retired / Widows of Service Personnel
a) All serving personnel of Armed Forces i.e. Army, Navy and Air Force and their families.
b) All Ex-servicemen pensioners paid from Defence Services Estimates.
c) All Ex-service personnel who have been released from service honourably after five years of coloured service but before completion of qualifying persionable service and, therefore, are not in receipt of pension from the Defence Services Estimates.
d) All Ex-service personnel released from Service on compassionate grounds at their own request having put in minimum five years of service.
e) All Ex-service personnel released from service honourably after completion of minimum five years of service as a result of reduction in establishment / completion of specific period of engagement.
f) All Ex-servicemen released on medical grounds attributable to military service without any stipulation of service rendered.




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