Can action be taken if you dont reply to a legal notice?


Taking into consideration your query and the above facts. If one recives a legal notice. As far as the quensiquences are concerned one if the notice is not replied. The concerned person is free to take / invoke legal action against the party.

If you don’t respond to the legal notice, then most likely the person will eventually file a defamation suit in the Court. Once the defamation suit is filed in the Court, the Court will send you summons to appear and answer the charge pressed by the opposite party.

In case, if you have received a legal notice, the first thing you should do is call the sender of the notice and aim at resolving the dispute amicably. … It is not mandatory to respond to a legal notice but it is advisable to send an appropriate reply to the notice.

After receiving written communications so made to advocate daughter withdrawing Legal Notice under intimation to his advocate. Parents wants Legal Notice must be withdrawn by Advocate as was issued by him under instructions and power from client.

Refusal to accept notice is good service. that means you can expect next step /stage of litigation. contact your lawyer immediately, sign Vakil patra and ask him to be observer, if needed he/she may file Vakilpatra at appropriate situation.

Remain polite even if you are withdrawing due to negative circumstances.
If applicable state the reason for the withdrawal.
Confirm the date when the relationship will officially be over.
Thank the individual or organization for your time together.

Reference: Code of Civil Procedure



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