Can abusing someone on Facebook be punished by law?


Yes, abusing someone on Facebook cane be punished by law.

First of all, you ought to take screenshots of the abusive posts or comments that are made against you in order that they will be used as evidence against the abuser.

Secondly, you ought to report the abusive posts or comments and therefore the account to the Fcebook administration so they will take prompt action against them like deleting the post or suspending the account etc.

Thirdy, you’ll be able to also take proceedings against the abuser as cyber bullying and harassment are serious offences and are handled under the knowledge Technology Act, 2007.

Sections 66 A within the Information Technology Act deals with offences of cyber nature.

Sending a message, through a computer or such device, which is Grosssly Offensive or has Menacing character, any communication which an individual knows is fake except for the aim of causing insult, annoyance of criminal intimidation is communicated against the victim, is controlled under this section and is additionally punishable with imprisonment upto 3 years and fine.

You’ll be able to therefore, approach the closest police headquarters and provides them the evidence of abuse towards you and lodge your complaint after which the police shall file an FIR with necessary sections and start their investigation by summoning the accused and a criminal case are going to be filed against the abuser.

Reference: Section 66A – Information Technology Act – this section makes it a punishable offence for any person to send ‘grossly offensive’ or ‘menacing’ information using a computer resource or communication device. – 202100457-20210042-5486



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