Can a wife send a legal notice as warning to her abusive husband through a lawyer free of cost?


Firstly, file a police complaint with women cell of police against your husband for harassment.

You can also file domestic violence case in court for physical and mental harassment.

With regard to free lawyers, they are not available anywhere, every lawyer charges certain amount of fee for proving services.

Lawyers can give you advise free of cost, but for fighting a case, they will definitely charge fee as it’s a job, not charity.

You can send the the legal notice by stating the grounds of cruelty and domestic violence.after that wait for their reply and then if they reply then based on that you can file a divorce petition.

Legal Notices are often sent by people in civil matters in cases of violation of agreements, marital issues, negotiable instruments, etc.

A notice is a very helpful way of saving money and time of the parties and gives them a chance to resolve the issues with a common consensus.

To draft a legal notice, follow the below mentioned steps:

STEP 1 – Contacting a Lawyer: A legal Notice is being sent through a Lawyer and the first step is reaching out to one.

STEP 2 – Sharing Information: All the information is explained in detail to the Lawyer, like the name of the parties, addresses, issues, grievances, and the relief sought.

STEP 3 – Providing the Documents: All the necessary and required documents are provided to the lawyer for filing of the notice.

STEP 4 – Drafting: The notice is then drafted in the Legal Language by the Lawyer clearly mentioning why the notice is being sent, information about previous communications, and a stipulated time e.g 15 days, 30 days or 60 days is given to the addressee to reply.

STEP 5 – Signing: The notice is duly signed by the Sender and the Lawyer and is generally sent via Registered post or Courier with the acknowledgment receipt being retained safely. A copy of the notice is also kept by the lawyer for future reference.

Reference: Domestic Violence Act, 2005



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