Can a tc be issued without paying the fees ?


Transfer certificate is a certificate issued to a student on his request by the in charge of the institution ie. College or School when the student wants to leave that institution. The transfer certificate has in it personal details of the student mentioned in it and states the date of birth of the student as per the record of the said institute, when and which course the student studied in the institution, the last class passed or failed and further certifies that the said student has paid all his dues to the institution and is not a defaulter

. It also has mentioned in the name of the mother and the name of the father and the occupation of the family as per its records. When you leave your school or institute after the completion of your examination, you need a Transfer Certificate. They will most likely not give you TC because you have not paid full fees in this college.

No Transfer Certificate will be issued to students from are any dues to the College. No fee will be levied from those who apply or T.C. within one year after leaving the College. A fee will be levied from those who apply for T.C. after one year from the date of completion of the Course.




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