Can a signed blank paper be used to transfer property?

A grandfather had transferred his property to his son and the daughter gave her no objection by signing on the said document. However, now she is claiming her share and has a blank stamp paper which was signed by the grandfather for some other use and she threatens to misuse it and file a case.


As per your query, further details are required about the document which was signed between your grandfather and your father and on what document did your father’s sign. Was it a relinqueshment deed or not. Was it legally registered or not, all these basic questions need to know. Without such details it is impossible to answer your query.

Regarding the signature on blank sign paper, if you have a photocopy of the blank stamp paper it will be useful as you can then file a case against your father’s sister for misusing legal documents. If you do not possess the photocopy of the blank stamp paper, then you can still approach the Court and fight the case as just a mere signed blank paper will not suffice and the stamp paper needs to be registered. So if the stamp paper is registered illegally you can file more cases against her.

It is therefore advisable to fight the case if she files as you can get many options where the said stamp paper can be produced in Court as illegal. It is therefore advisable to contact a lawyer who would verify the documents available with you and guide you properly with respect to this case.

Reference: No Specific Law



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