Can a school teacher be compelled to do bus route duty by the principal of school if she is unable to do so due to some unavoidable reasons?


Section 27 under Chapter 4 of the Right to Education Act, 2009, prohibits deployment of teachers for non-educational purposes, other than decennial population census, disaster relief duties or duties relating to elections to local authority, state legislatures and parliament. This provision will ensure that more time is available to teachers for school/ classroom transaction, and that teachers are not deployed for work that takes them away from their classroom responsibilities.

Usually, the teachers have the basic responsibility in school i.e., teaching work along with administrative work. Moreover, in a major move by CBSE in 2016, teachers will no longer be in charge of children commuting on a school bus. The CBSE asked its affiliated schools to hire specialist lady attendants or trained guards to protect children travelling to and from schools.

These people so appointed will ensure the safety of the students through the journey in the vehicle. No outsider except the conductor of the bus shall be allowed to board. For activities of ministerial nature, transport or canteen for similar related tasks, separate trained staff may be deployed by the schools. Hence, teachers can not be compelled to perform bus duty. CBSE shall ensure that teachers will not be engaged in activities other than those related to direct teaching, professional upgrading, examination, evaluation etc.

Reference: Right to Education Act, 2009
Section 27 – 202100468-20210041-10149



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