Can a property be transfered in brother’s name by a sister?


you have stated that your sister transferred her share in property to you legally .

1)presume it was done through gift deed/ relinquishment deed .

2) once property is so transferred you are absolute owner of the said property .

3) it is necessary to go through the case filed by your sister to further advise .

4) has your sister in suit filed by her mentioned that property was transferred in your name and consideration received by her .

5) you have to contest case filed by your sister on merits . i do hope that cash paid by you has been duly declared by you in your income tax returns.

If you wish to transfer your share in the house to your brother, you may do so by executing a gift deed in favour of your brother with respect to your half share in the house. A gift of immovable property should be in accordance with section 122 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882.

It is possible to transfer the ownership of a property to a family member as a gift, meaning no money exchanges hands. This differs to a Transfer of Equity, where the owner remains on the title and simply adds someone else to it.

Reference: section 122 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882.



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