Can a person have two 12th passing certificates ?


A person cannot have two 12th passing certificates. A passing certificate is issued after one passes class 12th and when one has already passed a class, one cannot appear for the same level exmination again. If the other passing certificate is fake, then it can create trouble for the party. In some of the cases, where a passing certificate issued by the board has some error, then the student can approach the authorities for correction and the correct certificate is issued. Even in such cases the incorrect certificate is cancelled.

In this case, the person can be held liable under section 463 of Indian Penal Code, 1860.

Section 463 states- Forgery.Ñ Any person who create any false document or false electronic record or a part of electronic record with an intention to cause to injury or damage to any person, or to support any claim or title. Also, if the person intents to cause any person to part with property, or to enter into any implied contract, or with intent to commit fraud or that fraud may be committed. A person who committs any or all of these above stated acts can be held liable for commits forgery.

The party in this case, is required to present the original 12th Certificate before any authority. If at one place he submits one and in another the which is not authentic then he can be held liable under section 463 of Indian Penal Code. If he joins an establishment as an employee and it is found that he has presented false documents then he can be sued by his employer for cheating under section 415 of Indian Penal Code and this can affect his career.




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