Can a person has annual income of 6 lakhs buy an EWS plot from CMDA approved private layout?


Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) was constituted as an ad-hoc body in 1972 and become statutory body in 1974 vide the Tamil Nadu Townand Country Planning Act 1971. It was established under the sub-section 1 of the section 9 ÐA (2) of the Act
In large layouts or villa/Flat development it is mandatory for the developer to provide EWS option so that the lower income families are not completely neglected in the housing market.

It is also for bringing in balance in the housing community.

Normally EWS housing are small plots or small villas or 1BHK flats.

In plots & Villad normally they have narrow roads and designated to a Cornor or interior, while wider roads and prime spots are given to big plots or Villas.

In flats they may not get the best views or noise free spots.

Construction approval on EWS plots are as per usual FSI & guidelines they may also get the benefit of lower setbacks due to their small size
urban poor having an annual household income of up to Rs. 1 lakh will be classified as EWS and those falling between Rs. 1 lakh and 2 lakh would be categorised as LIG.
So according to this I donÕt think a person or household having more than 16000 as monthly income can buy a EWS flat.

Reference: Tamil Nadu Townand Country Planning Act 1971 section 9A(2)



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