Can a person convicted under section 279 and 338 of Indian Penal Code get a government job?


Yes, you will be able to get a job in Central Government of India if you pass all the examination and tests conducted. Government job cannot be denied if a person is competent enough for the job. If a person is convicted of serious crime then they might not be allowed to get or even enroll for government exams crimes which are mostly non-bailable. People who are convicted under small crime are not denied from applying to government jobs.

Since the crime you committed under section 279 of Indian Penal Code is of rash driving which has caused resulted in section 338 of Indian Penal Code of causing grevious hurt to the person, you can apply for government jobs. If the person would have died on the spot then the charges against you would have been different and then you may not have been competent to apply for Central Government jobs. In your case you are granted the benefit of probation which says that you can work with complete dignity in the society and you will be kept away from the criminal world.

Being a Central Government employee needs discipline and principles, you should not commit such offense if you get selected as one of the employees. If you apply for government job and get selected you should always a disclose things that you feel are important for the officials to know.

Reference: Employement and Labour Law
Central Government Employees Recruitment Rules



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