Can a person charged of drunk and drive case appear in IAS exam or any UPSC civil services?


In this case the person was charged for drunk driving under Section 185 of Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and since he had paid fine so there will no criminal record of him in the police records. So the person is now eligible for giving IAS exam or any other civil services exam.

However if the person cause injury or killed someone while drunk driving then he was punishable with imprisonment for that offence and then he would be guilty of that offence. So the person then cannot be eligible for any of the government jobs be it civil services. Civil Services is a respectful position and person with criminal record is not fit for any of the civil services.

For being eligible to civil services the person has to prove that he is free from any of criminal records. When a person have any violence case, criminal case, court case which is present in the police record then in this condition he/she will not be able to appear in any government exam. If you cannot harm any person while driving in this case you are able to appear in any government exam.

Also if the person clears civil service exam and gets qualified then also the person should not commit any offence otherwise the person would be disqualified.

Reference: Section 185 of Motor vehicles Act 1988
Case ref.
1.Abhay Anand vs State on 6 September, 2017
2.Man Vizhi Others v. The Managing Director, Metropolitan Transport Corporation, Chennai
3.TARA CHAND SHARMA v. United India Insurance



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