Can a IPS lady officer marry Foreign National?


The Civil Service rules which apply to the IPS officers of all cadres provides that if a civil servant marries a foreign national he shall forthwith intimate the Central Government. There is no specific bar engrafted in the law which prevents a civil servant from marrying a Pakistani national. The intimation of solemnization/contract of marriage to the government shall be a compliance of the rules.

The prior consent of the government shall not be required except if the civil servant is an army personnel or a member of IFS, failing which he can be dismissed.

A Government servant who has married or marries a person other than of Indian nationality shall forthwith intimate the fact to the Government. If however an army officer were to marry a foreigner prior permission is must The army also insists on an undertaking from the officer that his/her application for release from the service may be automatically processed if the foreign spouse “refuses to acquire Indian citizenship or wilfully delays acquisition of Indian citizenship” for IPS officer intimation to Government is sufficient.

Officers who intend to marry foreign nationals have made a written application to the foreign secretary and give the government one year to reply. Clause 8(3) says, “If a member of the service contracts marriage with a person other than an Indian citizen without obtaining prior written permission, he shall be liable to be removed from the service.”

Reference: Central Civil Conduct Rules 1964.



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