Can a grandson claim property of maternal grandfather?

A grandson wants to know if he can claim share on maternal grandfather’s property


“In response to your question, you are not your maternal grandfather’s direct legal successor. If a Hindu Male dies intestate (without a will) under Section 8 of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, his property is divided equally among his class 1 heirs, which include his mother, wife, and children. If your mother is still living, the property will go to her first; if she is not, the property will belong to you. There is no legislation that allows you to inherit your maternal grandfather’s property. As a result, if your grandpa died intestate, that is, without a will, your mother can claim her portion of the property after his death.

If he forms a will in your favour, however, you will inherit the property immediately. If your mother wants to put her half of the property in your name, that’s another possibility. As a result, if their own father or mother is living, the grandsons or granddaughters have no right to inherit or claim any portion of the grandpa or grandmother’s property. In a will, the grandparents can leave the property to anybody they want.

Reference: Can a grandson claim property of maternal grandfather? – – AHG59 – 202100581 – 30 – 19 – 202100250-20210024-1932


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