Can a government employee hold post of SECRETARY/CHAIRMAN of society?


The rules and regulations of a co-operative society is governed by the rules and regulation of that society and conditions for holding such posts is also governed by the rules drafted by the general body of such co-operative society.

Employees can take part in cooperative movements and accept any post that is without any remuneration, like members of managing committees, provided it is not a full time job and does not create any hindrances to their official duties. No danger is attracted to their job.

As a number of references are being received I this department regarding the need for obtaining permission by government servants to hold elective offices in cooperative societies and other bodies , the necessity to reiterate the relevant provisions of the ccs (conduct) rules , 1964 has been felt . Rule 15 (1) © of the ccs (conduct) rules , 1964 provides that no government shall , except with the previous sanction of the government hold an elective office , in any body , whether incorporated or not . under rule 15 (2) (D) , a government , take part in the registration , promotion or management (not involving the holding of an elective office ) of a literary , scientific or charitable society or of a club or similar organization , the aims or objects of which relate to promotion of sports , cultural or recreational activities , registers under the societies registration Act , 1860 921 of 1860 ) , or another law for the time being in force . rule 15 (2) (e) provides that no previous permission is required for taking part in the registration , promotion or management ( not involving the holding of an elective office) of a cooperative society substantially for the benefit of government servants , registered under the cooperative societies Act , 1912 (2 of 1912) , or any other law for the time being in force.

It needs to be stressed that the entire time of the government servant should be available to the government and that no activities unconnected with his or her official duties should be allowed to interfere with the efficient discharge of such duties . all ministries are requested to ensure that the participation of government servants in the activities of cooperative societies conform to the above provisions and does not interfere with the discharge of the official duties .

The relevant acts and bylaws of the cooperative societies contain necessary provisions regarding eligibility of candidates to contest election including restrictions on tenure/number of terms.

The request from the government servants for permission to participate in the activities of cooperative societies and other bodies may also be examined keeping in view the provisions of the relevant act and byelaws governing the activities of such societies apart from the aforesaid provisions of ruke15 (1) and (2) of the ccs (conduct) rules , 1964 .

Reference: rule 15 (2)(D),(e) cooperative societies Act , 1912



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