Can a government employee do intraday future and option trading?


“Yes, you may spend money on stocks. According to Central Civil Services behavior policies 1964, investments in stocks, debentures and mutual finances may be made through the Government servant. However “”common shopping for and selling”” of those are taken into consideration as “”hypothesis”” and is banned. Section 16 (1) (2) & (3) of the Central Civil Services behavior policies 1964 states “” Investment, lending and borrowing (1) No Government servant shall speculate in any stock, proportion or different funding:

Provided that not anything on this sub-rule shall follow to occasional investments made thru stock
agents or different folks duly authorized and authorized or who’ve acquired a certificates of
registration beneathneath the applicable law.

Explanation – Frequent buy or sale or both, of stocks, securities or different investments will be
deemed to be hypothesis withinside the that means of this sub-rule. (2) (i) No Government servant shall make, or allow any member of his own circle of relatives or any character
appearing on his behalf to make, any funding that is probably to embarrass or affect him in
the release of his legit duties.

For this purpose, any buy of stocks out of the quotas
reserved for Directors of Companies or their buddies and buddies will be deemed to be an
funding that is probably to embarrass the Government servant.

(ii) No Government servant who’s concerned withinside the choice making method of fixation
of charge of an Initial Public Offering or Follow-up Public Offering of stocks of a Central
Public Sector Enterprise shall follow, both himself or thru any member of his own circle of relatives or
thru some other character appearing on his behalf, for allotment of stocks withinside the Initial Public
Offerings or Follow-up Public Offerings of such Central Public Sector Enterprise.

(3) If any query arises whether or not any transaction is of the character stated in sub-rule (1) or
sub-rule(2), the choice of the Government thereon will be final.”””

Reference: Central Civil Services Conduct Rules, 1964 – – AHG185 – 202100553 – 97 – 125 – 2021001220210024350


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