Can a divorcee woman who has applied for government job in various departments after she was divorced and has now re married someone else but has the divorce certificate as well be eligible to get reservation under divorce quota?


Human resources said that of the 30 percent earmarked for women in government positions, a third will go to widows and divorced in a ratio of 80:20. According to the Rajasthan Multi-Services (Amendment) Rules, 2019, in case of unavailability of suitable and suitable candidates (widows and divorced), vacancies must first be filled by exchange, i.e. vacancies reserved for widows by divorced persons or vice versa.

If widows and divorced persons are unavailable, the vacancies must be filled by other women of the same category.In the event that no suitable female candidates are available, the vacancies will be filled with male candidates from the category for which the vacancies are reserved according to a government notice. Positions reserved for women are not carried over to the following year. The pool for women, including widows and divorced, should be treated as a horizontal pool of
within the category, meaning that even women selected on the basis of their overall merit could count towards the women’s quota.

To answer your question: No divorce deed is invalid now. because now she’s married to someone else.Your marital status has now changed. that is, if she is married, she is not entitled to the divorce fee. Once a woman marries after a divorce, she falls out of the divorced category.She may face disciplinary action for using false information to get a job.

Reference: Rajasthan Various Service Rules (Amendment) Rules, 2019, – 202100466-20210033-1019



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