Can a disposed divorce matter be reopened as the opposite party mentioned wrong date of separation during hearing?


A divorce begins with a divorce petition or divorced papers.

It is a contract between the two parties who have to follow once it is signed by the judge as it becomes a law that needs to be followed.

On of the spouse who wants divorce writes and serves it to the other spouse.

The spouse gets the paper and signs them which means he or she has agreed.

Until the final divorce decree is signed, the case is said to be active.

Since the case is active, the court is waiting to finalize it.

When the divorce decree has been signed by the judge the divorce case is said to be disposed and therefore it is closed.

The procedure of the divorce case disposal depends on in which the case has been filed and the length of time between an active case and a disposed case.

In some instances, the case is disposed can be used by the court to mean that the case has been dismissed.

If the person wants to know the status of his or her case, one can know by calling the lawyer or divorce attorney.

With technological advancements, one can check the status online and know is the case active or disposed.

The term ÒdisposedÓ in a divorce case is basically that the case is finalized and closed.

However, in some rare cases disposal can also be interpreted as dismissed.

People can apply for a copy of the final judgement or decree to find out about the case without delay if the matter is of a sensitive nature.

Disposed case can be reopened if the party wants or if some mistake was found in the decision.

Reference: Criminal Procedure Code 1973 – 202100498-20210042-1151



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