Can a BPL person get free Education in private school?


There are central and state govt.s scholorship schemes. You may apply the schemes if you are from SC, ST, OBC or minority community. There are certain scholorships Schemes. please visit nearest tahasil office to know more about scholoship schemes or search online. if your sister is eligible apply.

Under Right To Education (RTE), poor students can be admitted to private schools on these 25% reserved seats in pre-primary classes. As part of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, 25% of the seats in every private school must be reserved for BPL students. The Act also mandates providing free education to these students.

Education authorities say that while the initiative is a positive one, it will be accompanied by problems as most of these families are illiterate, thus making it difficult for them to fill forms online.As per the Right to Education Act (RTE) 2009, 25 per cent seats in all private schools need to be reserved for students from below poverty line (BPL) families. In this regard, the Ranchi district administration has set up a help desk at the Collectorate Building for the benefit of the parents and students alike.

A certificate stating the age of the child issued by the hospital or Anganwadi Centre is required. For residential proof, ration card in the name of either of the parents is necessary along with an Asdhar Card. Disability and income proof certificates issued by Circle Officers (CO) also need to be presented.

Reference: Constituion of India, 1950, Article 21 A



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