Can a bike be sold on 100 Rs stamp paper and is it required to notarize it?

A person wants to know if he can sell his bike on 100 Rs stamp paper and if it is required to notarize it.


“As in keeping with your query , to promote yourmotorcycle you do not need a one hundred Rs stamp in keeping with. To promote a motorbike you want the subsequent files : –

1. Registration Certificate: Registration Certificate serves as a evidence of motorcycle’s registration and is hence an important file. It is likewise most of the listing of files you want to post to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for the duration of ownership transfer.

2. Pollution below Control (PuC) certificates: Another prison file you have to test and acquire is a Pollution below Control certificates. When buying a used motorcycle, checking the validity of a PUC certificates is important with the aid of using the buyer.

3. Sales Receipt: You have to additionally acquire income receipt of the used motorcycle when you buy it. It have to convey the seller’s signature.

4. Transfer deed: A transfer deed serves as a document confirming ownership transfer in addition to the sale of the motorcycle from a preceding owner to the brand new one. It additionally guarantees that the preceding proprietor does now no longer have any legal liabilities associated with this motorcycle.

5. Bike Insurance Certificate: An Insurance Certificate is another critical file required for ownership transfer of motorcycle. According to the updated motor vehicle rules, any vehicle operating on Indian roads ought to have an Insurance Certificate.

6. Road tax certificates: It is important to accumulate a street tax certificates from a preceding proprietor before you purchase a used motorcycle. When starting up motorcycle ownership transfer, you may be required to grant this certificates to the RTO as well. It is both an annual or one-time charge to the RTO and serves as a evidence of well timed tax charge.

7. No objection certificates: Form 28

8. Notice of Transfer of Ownership: Form 29

9. Report of Transfer of Ownership – Form 30”

Reference: No specific law – – AHG274 – 202100553 – 146 – 144 – 202100250-20210042-22012


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