How can we want to take a loan through profile funding in real estate a financier is suggesting me to go for profile funding through real estate around 2 lakh of credit cards?

It seems that you just are in deep financial trouble at the instant and having a nasty CIBIL score and an unresolved liability of INR 2 lacs on the credit cards suggest you have got been poor together with your finances or had large liabilities and fewer income and larger problem is Dual funding where the builder sells flat to a person without repay.

What is the notice period to be served in a school and wish to resign to my post as a teacher but the school is asking me to serve a three month notice period or pay and staff service rules book says that a 30 day notice period is sufficient and the academic year then a 90 day notice period should be served while we are at the verge of completion?

Reassure them that leaving early won’t cause them any problems agree to finish any reminding them that letting you leave early will mean they don’t have to pay you for as long and when an employee leaves a job without implementation the notice period, he or she is required to pay some amount to the company for the remaining period.

What can I do if people park their vehicles in front of my shop which causes problem to our movement in and out of the shop and I have filed an FIR in the police station but nothing has been done yet?

Section 122 of the motorized vehicles Act states that no automobile should be left on a public road during a dangerous position or in such a way so on cause inconvenience to other road users. Since you have got filed an FIR you want to have a replica of the FIR with a DD number. Now you’ll write to the municipal corporation and also to the traffic police DCP about the problem and fix a No Parking check in front of your shop within the mean solar time.