Does cheating on a girlfriend by her boyefriend attracts any knind of legal action under the law of of this country? Is cheating a girlfriend crime?

Under Indian law, there’s no unique statute that punishes the cheating on a partner in India. However, the Supreme Court of India in one in every of its landmark judgments had said that intercourse at the pretext of marriage could quantity to rape if the promise to marry isn’t fulfilled later.

If you probably did this to your female friend then, she will report an FIR withinside the nearest police station below section 375 (rape), 415 (cheating) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code.

How to renew my obc certificate since I have qualified for the government exam even though I renewed the certificate 4 months back and how to do it?

Documents required are Complete Application form, AADHAAR No., if that is not available, then the PAN card/ PASSPORT/ Driving Licence/ Voter ID Card will also suffice. Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Telephone Bill, etc. for residential proof. OBC certificates of other family members i.e, father or a brother or a sister are also required for this process. Two attestations by MP or MLA Officers (the council officers, gazette officers are also acceptable) declaring the caste of the applicant and lastly the income proof. lastly self-declaration is also the prescribed performa. in case of a minor, it can be provided by a relevant major. If one has all the necessary document, then the process will go on smoothly and will be successful.

Can an advocate represent his family members case in court or someone in the blood relation?

An advocate has to follow certain rules apart from that he is not liable for anything else.

Section 49 of the Advocates Act, 1961 mention the rules.

An advocate should act in a dignified manner whether during the presentation of his case or while acting before a court.

The conduct of the advocate should always show the self-respect to the court.

However, the advocate has a right and duty to submit his grievance to proper authorities whenever there is proper ground for serious complaint against a judicial officer.

Can a disposed divorce matter be reopened as the opposite party mentioned wrong date of separation during hearing?

So the case disposed of means that the case is completed and a final judgement is made. But it does not mean that the case has been quashed. People can apply for a copy of the final judgement or decree to find out about the case without delay if the matter is of a sensitive nature. Disposed case can be reopened if the party wants or if some mistake was found in the decision.

Does maharashtra co op society allow POA holder on behalf of flat owner to attend AGM?

No proxy or a holder of power of attorney or letter of authority shall be eligible to attend the AGM of the Society.

The AGM of the society cannot be convened unless a notice of 14 days is given to the members.

The main purpose of the AGM of a society is to adopt and approve the annual accounts of the society by the members and to receive an annual report of the affairs of the society.

What can be done to cancel domicile certificate because I have another states domicile ?

The cancellation of your domicile certificate is legitimate.

You will need to apply for surrender to the authorities that gave you the state’s domicile certificate.

Submit your domicile certificate to the local revenue authorities.

If it is discovered that you have two residence certificates, you will be in serious trouble, and an affidavit will not help you.

Obtaining a Domicile Certificate from more than one State/UT is illegal.

What are the charges of a lawyer to clear my traffic challan and the documents to be submitted should be original or pictures would work?

Payment of traffic challan fines is now easier than ever, thanks to state governments’ creation of e-challan payment websites and virtual courts, which eliminate the need for people to physically attend court, hire a lawyer, and suffer through lengthy court proceedings.

However, people can still hire a lawyer, but each lawyer has different rates, which should be discussed with a lawyer in person.

How to legally deal with the neighbour as there is the common wall and as we are constructing the house he is denying to remove the wall and agreed upon 50-50 use of wall but now raising objection what can be done?

Moreover, various laws have been enacted to address various forms of harassment.

If one wishes to obtain justice, he must adhere to the laws, and the landlord of the adjoining plot who constructs his house first constructs the common wall by aligning its centre line with the plot line.

What is listing date in HC and USR?

If there’s not enough proofÊto convict someone, the complaint will just be put on hold.

The statute of limitations will ascertain how long a lawsuit will have to be available while it is currently on hold.

As with most offences, the limitation period is 3 years.

If you receive documentation in the mail, call the relevant criminal court and inquire about any pending lawsuits or warrants.

How can we want to take a loan through profile funding in real estate a financier is suggesting me to go for profile funding through real estate around 2 lakh of credit cards?

It seems that you just are in deep financial trouble at the instant and having a nasty CIBIL score and an unresolved liability of INR 2 lacs on the credit cards suggest you have got been poor together with your finances or had large liabilities and fewer income and larger problem is Dual funding where the builder sells flat to a person without repay.

What is the notice period to be served in a school and wish to resign to my post as a teacher but the school is asking me to serve a three month notice period or pay and staff service rules book says that a 30 day notice period is sufficient and the academic year then a 90 day notice period should be served while we are at the verge of completion?

Reassure them that leaving early won’t cause them any problems agree to finish any reminding them that letting you leave early will mean they don’t have to pay you for as long and when an employee leaves a job without implementation the notice period, he or she is required to pay some amount to the company for the remaining period.