Are vokkaligas caste obc?


A Person belonging to The Vokkaliga/ Vakkaliga/ Sarpavokkaliga (Rural candidates only) Community which is recognised as a Backward class under Sl No.156 of Resolution No.12011/68/93-BCC(clc) dated 10th September, 1993, published in Gazette of India Extraorinary Part-I, Section-I dated 13th September 1993 and subsequent resolutions till date of Government of India, Ministry of Welfare.

Vokkaliga community belongs to OBC in central list ( rural area candidates only). That means the Address proof of the candidate must belong to the Rural area to get the OBC certificate for central govt jobs. Serial no of the vokkaliga caste in central govt list of OBC is 156. Vokkaligas can apply for OBC certificate in nadakacheri online website with payment of RS.25. use income and caste certificate in online application.

Children of persons having a gross annual income of Rs 8 lakh or above for a period of three consecutive years would fall under the creamy layer category and would not be entitled to the benefit of reservation available to Other Backward Classes. If your parents are earning more than 8 lakhs but their rank is below that of group B officers, you will still come under Non-Creamy Layer.

While applying the ÒIncome/Wealth TestÓ to determine creamy layer status of any candidate, income from the salaries and income from the agricultural land shall not be taken into account. It means that if income from other sources other than the salary and agriculture exceeds the income limit, then only the candidates shall be treated as Creamy Layer.




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