Are there going to be any legal ramifications if I submit fake salary slips to the new company?


Many recruiters request payslips and other pertinent documentation from prospective candidates as part of the employment verification process. They are occasionally perplexed by the legitimacy of the documents supplied by the candidate. Many candidates, on the other hand, ask how to misrepresent their salary on their payslips in order to acquire a better offer.

Falsification of documents at the time of employment has been defined as “misconduct” under the provisions of Industrial Standing Orders Act, 1946. Therefore, employee’s company can take action against the employee under the provisions of this act.

You can further be booked under Sections 420, 465, 467, 468, 471 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

When applying for a job, you can never get away with presenting credentials that are clearly false. Verifications and reference checks will reveal the game even if an HR team fails to see through the lies.

In the perspective of the employer, claiming a fraudulent qualification, reporting erroneous grades, and claiming incorrect former salary/designation/work experience/profile/references without providing proof are all equally unacceptable.

The penalties include being fired, having a permanent negative record in the employer’s database that prevents future opportunities with that company and others that conduct a reference check, and having a bad reputation in the business.

Reference: Section 17, Industrial Standing Orders Act, 1946



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