Are repeating +2 exams even after passing legal or not?


“Yes it is not illegal to write and give your examination for different years for a different board.
There is likewise an Improvement Exam in CBSE wherein you may seem as private candidate, with the practical marks (if any) this 12 months to be forwarded as it’s far and principle marks to be the only you rating subsequent 12 months.

However, you aren’t allowed to do the twelfth standard two times with different streams from the same board. So so as to legally repeat 12th exams even after passing you may have to change up your school board earlier than admission. You can pick out some state or open board.

Also i where the gap is more than 3 or 4 years then you may have to first give your 10th board exam and then later give your 12th board examination.

To conclude, giving more than two courses in the same academic year is considered to be illegal.
That being said, you can repeat 12th even after passing if it is given in another academic year and in another board.

Therefore, the above mentioned conditions will have to be satisfied so as to repeat examinations in a legal way. There might be issues regarding this matter so it would be advisable to tell the employer about this.

Reference: Examination Bye laws – – AHG88 – 202100580 – 45 – 40 – 202100190-20210041-12021


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