Am I liable to pay bond money if I leave before the end of bond period?


In some cases, employers ask the employees to pay 2 lakhs or 3 lakhs and so on if they break the bond. But until and unless the employer able to prove that the cost is equal to the training cost incurred on employee till then employee is not liable to pay that money. If the bond has something like deduction of some amount from your salary ,you can break the bond by leaving that amount deducted . The organisation will let you leave that way.

The company may not sue you if you break the bond as it will not be successful in recovering any money from you through court order. The company may send you a legal notice as part of their pressure tactics. You should resign only if you are Sure of another secure job without your originals and a reliving letter.

They won’t provide the experience certificate if you don’t pay the amount and may be you will get a remark on NSR card. At last may be they will file a case against you(mostly this is not happen). It’s okay if you don’t want to be in this field anymore.

If you want to leave your service, you can do that. There is no legal bar on the way of your leaving. Initially, it was an offense as per the law, but now if the employee is not satisfied with the organisation he/she can break the employment bond. Mostly organisation cannot claim any money or anything else from the employee.




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