Absorption of LIC temporary employees, on the basis of SC judgment?


This dispute could remedy on inspecting the Supreme Court judgment. We want to inspect your relavant papers and scope and ambit of the Supreme Court judgment. On this very problem different topics also are pending in Supreme Court. Hence you need to come for conference. workmen who had been hired via way of means of LIC of India among the duration from 20.05.1985 to 04.03.1991 and gratifying the situations as in keeping with the above award handiest are eligible for apply. The workmen, who’ve been appointed via way of means of following the technique beneathneath the Life Insurance Corporation of India (Staff) Regulations, 1960 or every other commands issued via way of means of the Corporation occasionally handiest might be considered.

The brief Class III personnel who’ve labored for eighty five days in any calendar years with the Corporation among twentieth May 1985 and 04.03.1991 and who conformed to the desired eligibility standards for normal appointment at the dates in their preliminary brief appointment might be considered. so the man or woman isn’t eligible for the job. now no longer eligible because the year for regularisation of personnel is from 1985 to 1991 and also you had been a worker in 1994 and labored for eighty four days in place of eighty five. Hopefully that is beneficial to you.

Reference:  – – AHG4 – 202100580 – 1 – 26 – 2021007020210042514


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